Manchester United or not? Big Fion has confirmed that the English club bought "Keisha".

13 May

Good talent .... Joe Barone, Fiorentina sports director, said the English club had bought the Federico Keissa football team But lean now, the players are concentrating on the agency Joe Barone, director of the sport of Fiorentina, the famous club of the Serie A Italian Serie A confirmed that a club from the English Premier League stage came in to request the purchase of Federico Keisha wings. The good of the team Join the army after the end of this season Keisha is currently linked to many clubs. Which includes two giants of the city's elite clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea after having made remarkable results this season, with 7 goals from playing for "Purple Mhaka Mahan", including all items 26 matches and the latest Fiorentina sports director has updated the situation of The 22 year old Italian national football star is interesting.Right now, Chiesa is still a Fiorentina player but there are many clubs that come in contact. Some clubs are English speaking clubs ... This matter, we'll talk later. Because now we want to finish the season And he himself is concentrating on doing good work for us, "Barone told Cassuzzo Dello Sport, the leading sports media in the macaroni region. Currently, Kiesa has left the football contract in Artemio Franco to the year 2022, with the Reds playing for Fiorentina in a total of 139 matches, scoring 29 goals since stepping up to the first team in the year. 2016

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